BML25-T3203PC Light Curtains

1. Resolution:25mm
2. 32 Beams
3. Protection height:775mm
4. PNP Normally Closed

Model BML25-T3203PC
Number of beams 32 Beams
Protection height 775mm
Sensing distance 0.3~3m
Beam axis spacing 25mm
Detection capability φ30mm
Power voltage 12~24V DC±10%
Current Consumption <150mA
Output Type PNP, Normally Closed
Response Time ≤15ms
Emitting Light Infrared LED ( Modulated )
Protection Reversed Polarity Protection, Over-current Protection, Short-circuit Protection
Ambient temperature -10~+55℃ ( No freezing ), storage:-10~+60℃
Relative humidity 35~85%RH
Envarionmental illuminance Incandescent lamp<3000 lux
Withstand voltage 1000 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Insulation resistance 50MΩ or more (500 VDC)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz Double amplitude 1.5 mm in the X, Y, Z axis directions respectively, 2 hours
Shock resistance 500m/S2 in X, Y, Z axis directions respectively 3 times
Protection Degree IP 50
Material Shell: Main unit case: Aluminum; Upper/lower case: Nylon (GF 30%); Front cover: Polycarbonate
Wiring Method Emitter: 4 poles cable, Receiver: 5 poles cable
Accessory 2 mounting brackets and 2 cables with 5m length


H: Protection Height,H=A*(N-1)=25*(32-1)=775mm
L: Total Height,L=H+59=775+59=834mm
A: Beam axis spacing,A=25mm
N: Number of beams,N=32
B: First beam from the bottom,B=37mm





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