Attention on Connecting and Disconnecting Sensor

Resource :本站 Date:2016-01-24 

When the sensor is connected or disconnected to the power supply, whether the sensor is in sensing or non-sensing condition, the output state of the sensor is always at OFF state. Especially when the power is connected, for a moment the output goes OFF state, and it is called initial reset. But in this case, the output will go into a momentarily ON (OFF), and the period is directly proportional to the sensing distance and is about 10 - 100 ms. When the sensor is connected to counter and programmable controller, since there is a initial reset circuit inside the counter and programmable controller, there would be no problem with this condition. On other occasions, please pay attention to avoid the following condition: ◇ Target object near the detection area of the sensor. ◇ For DC voltage and DC switching type sensor, in its power on (off) period, it will exhibit a condition with a sharp rise (fall) time constant. ◇ For AC switching type sensor, in its power on (off), there will be a self-excitation and noise conditions.

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