What is the Shielded and Non-Shielded?

Resource :本站 Date:2016-01-24 

It is the installation methods of the sensor. The flash mounting allows the sensor to be buried inside a metallic mounting block in an application. For flush mounting, the sensor is not allowed to be buried inside the metallic mounting block. By comparision, the sensing distance is longer with the non-flush mounting version. In flush mounting: the sensor is completely buried inside the mounting block and effective sensing face is mounted flushed with the mounting block. For non-flush mounting, the sensor is not allowed to be completely buried inside the mounting block, the effective sensing face must maintain a certain distance from the mounting block. For sensors with the same specifications, the non-flash mounting version can achieve the longest sensing distance. A flush mounting sensor has the following advantages: it has better mechanical protection and it has stronger interference property when compared to the non-flash mounting sensor. However, the sensing distance is only 69% of the non-flash mounting sensor.

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